About me

Heather Emery

Beauty & Fashion Photographer


I am a commercial photographer currently studying at the Arts University of Bournemouth and soon to graduate in summer 2022.


Based between Bournemouth and North London, I focus on the representation of females and the realistic beauty standards of women in art and media.

With my work being influenced by fashion and beauty, I have a passion for empowering women and creating meaningful and beautiful imagery for all to celebrate.


2022 | Selin Magazine (Cover) Issue 12


2022 | Mob Journal (Cover story) Volume 22


2022 | Malvie Magazine


2022 | OnlyChild Magazine


2022 | Marika Magazine


2021 | Eclectic Magazine Issue 6 ‘Human’


2021 | Goji Magazine


2021 | Horizont Magazine Issue 25


2020 | Eclectic Magazine Issue 2 ‘Colour’


2022 | Sonnet49 Summer Graduation Show